Dad Makes It All The Way Home From Dog Groomers Before Seeing They've Made A Mistake

By Maggie Watson

Getting a dog groomed does so much more than just make the pooch look fresh and smell clean. For some dogs especially, there are genuine health benefits to a good groomin’, too. But not every grooming session goes as smoothly as it should.

Farmer Rescues One Of The World's Biggest Predators Before Seeing His Work Isn't Over Yet

By Dan Fitzpatrick

You have to be careful around wildlife. There’s an old fable about a man who rescues a viper dying out in the snow. He takes it home and warms it up, and the snake repays his kindness by biting him. The moral of the story: you can’t change an animal’s nature.

After Hearing Cries For Help, Fishermen Put Their Nets In The Water And Pull Out A Big Surprise

By Francesca Rea

Wild animals aren’t strangers to the harsh ways of the natural world. They are instinctively smarter and stronger than we might think. Still, a baby is a baby: even a baby wild animal.

20 Times Humans And Creatures Voluntarily Invaded Each Other's Space

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Things are a little different in the Land Down Under. No, it’s not that the Coriolis Effect makes toilets flush in the opposite direction — that’s actually a myth. It’s that Australia is teeming with wildlife that the rest of the world can’t even imagine.

Search-And-Rescue Dog Takes Off Running Before Leading His Handler To A Dramatic Scene

By Ryan Unger

It takes a highly intelligent and dedicated canine to join the ranks of search and rescue dogs. These animals are put through rigorous courses so they can help efficiently locate missing animals and humans alike. They’re essentially the heroes of the dog world.

Rescuers Who Hear Cries From A Hole Filling With Flood Waters Race To Pull Off A Miracle

By Francesca Rea

The kind and caring humans who devote their lives to helping animals have a huge responsibility. They’re there 24/7, rain or shine, for any animal in need. It isn’t just their job, for many people, it’s their lifelong passion.

Kayakers Witness An Epic Showdown Between Two Unlikely Sea Creatures

By Dan Fitzpatrick

The ocean might seem bright and welcoming when you’re on the beach, but beneath the waves, it’s a different story! Deep in the murky depths, there are mysteries just waiting to be discovered. And sometimes, they get a little impatient.

Woman Whose Dog Has A Short Time To Live Decides She Has To Make A Bold Final Move

By Matthew Castoral

Our pets. They’re our playmates, our best friends; they stick with us through thick and thin and make our darkest days brighter. So with all the love and devotion our animals give us, it’s only right we give them the same — right to the very end.

Girl That Gets Asked To Hold A Friend's New Puppy Quickly Learns That She’s Been Duped

By Maggie Watson

Some people despise surprises, big or small. They’re bothered when something out of their control threatens to shake up the status quo. But surprises can also create unforgettable moments…

Dog Returned To The Shelter Yet Again Is Out Of Options Until An Unlikely Hero Steps In

By Maggie Watson

Compared to humans, dogs live pretty simple lives. In between meals, they run around outside, sleep, and get their bellies rubbed. Yet somehow, humans find ways to connect with canines at a spiritual level. It’s an important bond.

Brave Captain Jumps Into Freezing Waters For The Most Unlikely Rescue Mission

By Ryan Unger

When you have a job that entails being on the open ocean, you have to be ready to expect the unexpected. In an environment where so much is unpredictable, in the blink of an eye, entire lives can change.

Abandoned House With Vultures Circling Above Has A Crushing Scene Waiting Out Back

By Dan Fitzpatrick

Have you ever gotten the sense that something was a little bit off? Maybe you noticed an object out of place or just had a feeling in your gut, but picking up on these signals can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Dog Runs Into Baby's Room Before Making A Frantic Move That Leaves Her Family In Awe

By Matthew Castoral

Animal intuition is one of the strongest forces on Earth. Not only are animals incredibly in-tune with the world around them, but their natural instincts allow them to make quick decisions in pressing situations. While some applications of this intuition may seem trivial at times, it’s during dangerous situations that this trait proves to be the most useful.

Miners Hunting For Gold In The Ocean Are Totally Dumbfounded To Uncover A 120-Pound Secret

By Matthew Castoral

The only consistent part of life is its unpredictability. You can do something a million times without a hitch, but the million-and-first time may provide an outcome you never expected. As unsettling as it seems, a change of fate doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Rescuers Who Hear About An Old Animal Locked Up Take Drastic Measures To Save Him

By Francesca Rea

The use of animals in the circus has sparked a widespread topic of conversation. Many countries are taking the initiative to ban the use of wild animals in the ring. While this is a step in the right direction, it leaves the fate of current animal residents unclear.

Couple Takes Their Newly Adopted Puppy Straight Back To The Shelter With A Bold Request

By Jenny Friedrickson

Christina and her fiancé, Vincent, of Odessa, Texas, always knew their ideal family would involve two little ones who could grow up together. But since every family has to start somewhere, the couple decided to first adopt a Tamaskan puppy named Raven.

Woman Being Bitten By Her Dog Suddenly Realizes What He's Actually Trying To Tell Her

By Clayton Aldrich

Adding a new dog to the family can be a scary prospect. High food costs, veterinary expenses, and the pooch’s off-the-charts energy can make pet ownership quite a handful. Look no further than a family from Vancouver, Washington, for proof.

Family That Spots Giant Dog Laying On The Roadside Quickly Pieces Together His Unusual Past

By Maggie Watson

Helping a lost dog find her way back home can be as simple as reading her tags. Then, of course, it’s just a matter of earning the dog’s trust and coaxing her into your car! But sadly, not all lost animals can be returned so smoothly.

Rare 'Sea Wolves' Have People Questioning Where Dogs Really Come From

By Evelyn H. Armstrong

For centuries, wolves have been feared by villagers who feel the canines might snatch children from beds or wreak havoc on the village’s livestock. Wolves, those villagers think, are snarling animals thirsty for blood and hungry for red meat.

Dog Rockets To Fame After People See The Crafty Trick That He Loves To Pull On Strangers

By Maggie Watson

In Los Angeles, waiters pass off their screenplays to dining producers, while bank tellers pitch a film to someone just cashing a check. Almost everyone in the city of 4 million people wants a piece of the Hollywood pie, so the next big movie star might be the guy bringing you an $18 steak at a diner off the 405.

Man Flies Hundreds Of Dogs Around The Country For The Most Unusual Reason

By Maggie Watson

Throughout years of military service, Paul Steklenski honed his combat skills. He saw battlefields light up, heard the sounds of war, and suffered and survived all the horrors of armed conflict. But years after he rejoined civilian life, he faced another impossible mission.

10 Dogs Who Brought Loyalty To A Whole New Level

By Valerie Mulder

There are highly trained dogs capable of detecting bombs, protecting homes, or servicing the special needs of their owners. These high-stakes skills take months to hone, and not every pooch can master the training! So imagine how miraculous it is when a household pooch saves the day…

20 Totally Unapologetic Pets That Were Caught Red-Handed

By Francesca Rea

As pet owners, we imagine that when we leave the room for a minute or go to work our pets just sleep and lounge around all day, patiently waiting for us to return. But that’s not always the case. In fact, our pets often lead secret lives that we never get to see…

Woman Who Stumbles Upon An Injured Dog Miles From Civilization Is Forced To Make A Tough Decision

By Dan Fitzpatrick

For Tia Vargas, hiking was more about recreation than survival. Her biggest challenges were usually limited to overcoming sore muscles, battling a dry mouth, or treating the odd scrape or bruise. But on a hike in July of 2018, she faced a new and completely unexpected challenge.

4-Year-Old Lost In The Siberian Wilderness Gets A Miracle From An Unlikely Hero

By Maggie Watson

Siberia is not for the unprepared. If the animals don’t get you, the mucky bogs and wetlands might be what do you in. And while navigating that terrain, you have to look out for wintry temperatures of, like, -70 degrees Fahrenheit… and did we mention there aren’t a lot of people around to help you out when you’re in trouble?